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Who We Are

We are an educational entity of the Hai-Hwa Foundation, which specializes in mathematics and linguistics courses, along with an emphasis on Chinese cultural arts and appreciation.

The Dallas Overseas Chinese School was founded in 1994 on the principle of teaching with genuine understanding and patience. We focus on building aptitude for acquiring new information and learning new skills. After all, fast learners excel on STAAR and PSAT/SAT tests, and become more successful in future endeavors.

Come see for yourself what difference the Dallas Hai-Hwa Overseas Chinese School can make
for the future
of your children!

What We Do

Classroom Instruction

We recognize that each child is unique and benefits from teachers who can recognize their individual differences and teach in response to their learning patterns. We also limit our classroom size to give each student opportunity to learn interactively.

Where We Are

Our classes are held on Sunday afternoons.  We provide free activities for parents who wait at the school while their children attend classes:

Richardson North Junior High
1820 North Floyd Road
Richardson, TX 75080


The school is located  on Floyd Rd. one block south of Campbell Rd. It's near the University of Texas at Dallas, less than 2 miles west of  US-75 Central Expressway.